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Courtesy of Ken Shaffer - June 20, 2015


Photo on right(above)is the Contest winning picture for January 2007 at www.mylargescale.com

The Shoppes at Virginia Ridge under construction on the P & S Central Railroad
Courtesy of Pete Smith - P & S Central Railroad - Lake Alfred, Florida

Courtesy of Ray - Southern Transport Services - Opileka, AL

Courtesy of Dan Levitt - Smalltown Railroad - Tucson, AZ
Copy of email from Dan about our kits
I think your models are the greatest. They actually fit together like a glove. Put me on your list for any new G-scale bldgs you may have coming out. I'm sending you a picture and you have my authorization to publish it if you see fit. This picture was taken at night. The bldg. has interior lighting in it. I just started into the Garden railroad about 6 months ago. I call it "SMALLTOWN RAILROAD" as it will have a very small town in it with a lot of water scenes. THANKS and keep up the great work. DAN LEVITT Tucson, AZ

Courtesy of Bob Gast - Budd Lake, NJ

Courtesy of Emerson Tiews - Hobroken & Missette Railroad
Copy of email from Emerson about our kits
End result of your Virginia Mills Graining Company after modification to the new fire-station for the Hobroken and Missette Railroad. Excellent product, great price, fast shipping to Massachusetts, looking forward to arrival of my next kit Thanks once again.

Courtesy of Gordon Havens

Courtesy of Jim Graffe






Above 2 rows - Adapted from Our Build-a-Building Series - Bottom Right - Prototype - qor armoury


Courtesy of Paul Roberts - P&M Garden Railway
Copy of email from Paul about our kits
Bruce..as promised the completed fire hall. What an excellent kit!!!! Went together like a dream and the detail was superb!!! Just had our open house for the train club yesterday and everyone was asking about the kits. Needless to say, you got glowing reviews. Looking forward to putting together the apartment and mill kits now!! Paul Roberts - P&M Garden Railway - Parksville, BC

Courtesy of Phil Lowe - Longwood Mountain Scenic Railway

Courtesy of Howard Sheldon - Howard & Linda Unlimited Railroad - Howards' Website with more pictures

Courtesy of Nelson Adkin - Lambeth, Ontario

Courtesy of Mike Murray



Courtesy of John Giberson



Courtesy of Ed & Kathy Headington





Courtesy of Donald Schoenbachler Evansville, Indiana

Courtesy of E. Frank Smith - Birmingham, AL

Courtesy of Brian D - Chesapeake & Appalachian Railway - Silver Spring, Md

Courtesy of Frank P Lucas

Courtesy of Vic Meek

Courtesy of Franck Combe - Paris, France

Courtesy of Robert Segessenman

Courtesy of Gary Crusenberry - Ft Pierce, FL

Courtesy of John D'Aloia - San Antonio & Western RR, Garden Division

Courtesy of Steve Siedensticker - Gopher Canyon Line

Courtesy of Larry J Smith

Courtesy of Paul Bottino - "Beachwood Railroad" Frankford, Delaware

Courtesy of Phil Bronner - Kern Valley Railway Bakersfield, CA

Courtesy of Marty Cozad - North Table Creek Garden Railroad


Courtesy of Robert Smith


Courtesy of Tony Weber


Courtesy of Louis Steffenhagen


Courtesy of Wally Weart


Courtesy of "Maui" Mike Curry - More great pictures from "Maui" Mike(click "back" to return)
Watch Maui Mikes' Rock N Roll Rio Grande Video(Click Here-Click Back Button to return)
Watch Maui Mike build Colorado Model Structures Cascade Summit Section House - Part #1(Click Here-Click Back Button to return)
Watch Maui Mike build Colorado Model Structures Cascade Summit Section House - Part #2(Click Here-Click Back Button to return)
Courtesy of "Maui" Mike Curry - More great videos from "Maui" Mike(click "back" to return)


Courtesy of Dick Williams


Courtesy of Richard Friedman


Courtesy of Doug Arnold

Courtesy of Mark Gilger - MM&G Railroad

Courtesy of Jim Miller
Construction notes from Jim - I painted my buildings with Williams exterior acrilic and applied with brush. I also used Plastruct plastic weld glue for assembly.

Rowen Fire Dept Headquarters - Courtesy of Pat McCarty

Courtesy of Thomas Mugavero

Courtesy of Paul Wagner - Southern Railway - Wagner Division


Courtesy of Jerry Hansen


Courtesy of Rick - S&R Railroad


Courtesy of David Rousseau


Courtesy of David and Rita Qualls


Courtesy of Dawn Wells


Courtesy of Henry Rechenbach, Berlin, Germany


Courtesy of Richard Wing, Newton, MA
Richard writes about building our buildings 'By the way, the small steel-mill building was built full-depth, but the long one (about 43 inches long) was built as a half-model. Mirrors are being cut for me, and the building will be right-up flush against the mirrored surfaces, so that if you view it from an angle the half-end is reflected, and the building appears to be full-depth. I tried it with a medicine-cabinet mirror, and it works fine. I like working with the styrene, it saws easily and cements with ridiculous ease using Duco Plastic Model Cement. Plastruct's "Plastic Weld" was used only when cementing dissimilar plastics; it dries faster than you can put the pieces together. You said to prime everything, and I got excellent results with aerosol paints that say explicitly that they bond to plastic. Dark primer was used, so when the panels were over-painted with Benjamin Moore color samples (2 ounce jars available in any paint department in an astonishing range of hues) using a foam brush, the dark scored lines or brick (really shingle) texture can be seen if desired, depending on brushing technique. So, the steel-mill was painted the same color as in Grif Teller's's calendar-painting, but I thought a tan steel mill ought to have grime descending from the windows. That was done easily by putting a little more pressure on the foam brush in downward strokes, to let more of the dark primer show through. It is very satisfying to use your materials.'

Courtesy of Tim Dudley, Marcellus, NY
Courtesy of Jerry Barnes
Courtesy of Kevin Diesel

Courtesy of Jules Heiliczer
Courtesy of Monte Scott - Heather Ridge Railroad


Courtesy of Steve Bittinger


Courtesy of Peter Eaton

Courtesy of James Green

Courtesy of Steve Phillippe


Richards' Open House 2012(Youtube Video)(Click Here-Click Back Button to return)
Courtesy of Richard Baughman - Kankakee Belt Rwy

Santa Fe 3751 & Grand Canyon Railway 4960 Run By - Video - May 16, 2012 - 131mb - Takes a while to download - Click Here
Requires Apple Quicktime Player - Free Download At apple.com/quicktime/

Would you like your rendition of one or more of our buildings posted here in our Customer Gallery. Email us a picture of your building preferably in .jpg format and at least 600 x 600 pixels and we will post it here. If you have a video either posted on youtube or in .wmv format, send us the link for youtube or email us the .wmv file and we will post it here in our customer gallery. Please include a statement with your photo authorizing your photo to be posted in our Customer Gallery. We will include your name and location as well the Railroad name if included unless requested otherwise. We reserve the right to post or not post any picture for any time period.